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AOAO/AOUO Representation


A Board member’s role is complex and challenging, and almost always far more work than expected. Adding a major renovation project to the agenda can turn that already demanding role into a full-time uncompensated position. Some associations will turn to their General Manager to run the project who is then inundated by the additional workload.  Hiring an experienced construction manager alleviates the extreme workload that comes with such projects and ensures that your project is guided by an experienced professional.
Board members should also be aware of potential legal challenges, both to the Association, and personally, that may accompany potentially contentious projects. Almost every project will have some unit owners who are not in favor of the project expenditure for a multitude of possible reasons. A professional construction manager will ensure that your project has documented justification for project initiation and will also ensure that all facets of the project are competitively bid via standard, unbiased processes. This in turn significantly reduces the likelihood of a Board member’s compliance with fiduciary duty requirements ever being brought into question.
Condominium projects are unique. Every unit, and every unit owner will have unique conditions and expectations that need to be carefully managed. During the construction period, Native Technologies personnel visit every unit under active construction every day. We document progress, talk to residents, and work side-by-side with the contractor’s Project Manager to resolve any issues as they arise. Our hands-on approach sets us aside from our competitors, many of whom perform cursory observations on a very infrequent basis.
Condominium projects are our specialty, and we welcome the opportunity to present to any Association with a major renovation project on the horizon. We’ve demonstrated that our system of management leads to highly successful projects. We strongly encourage you to allow us the opportunity to present to your Board of Directors and show you how we can ensure that your project is a success.