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Royal Iolani Drain Waste & Vent Pipe Replacement, Royal Iolani AOAO, $10 Million (McCully)
(Ongoing, 2021)

Project Description

  • The Royal Iolani is a 196 unit, 2-tower Condominium Project located in the McCully area. The current project involves the replacement of all drain, waste, and vent piping throughout all individual units and common areas.
  • The replacement of drain, waste, and vent piping in any condominium project is a substantial undertaking that requires an experienced project team to ensure that the project is a success. Native Technologies provides Project Management and Owners Representation Services to the Royal Iolani AOAO. We utilize our considerable expertise in Association-type projects and leverage various technology platforms to track and document project progress and to also manage the financial health of the project.

Project challenges and how they were overcome

  • With up to 15-20 units under construction at any one time, the Native Technologies team utilizes several automated processes to document and track progress in every unit on a daily basis. This level of details enables us to quickly address any deficiencies and identify any potential risks before they can proliferate across the project. We take captioned photographic documentation daily which serves as a detailed record of all aspects of work. The value of this detail has been proven again and again as it provides a fast response to any questions pertaining to completed works.
  • With multiple unit owner responsible costs, including unforeseen conditions such as code-required electrical and plumbing code corrections, Native Technologies utilizes a customized database tracking system to document, notify owners, track completion, and invoice unit owners. Managing unique correspondence and billings for hundreds of units calls for an extremely well-organized and robust
    management system. Native Technologies has these systems in place and can readily deploy them to other projects.

How successes or lessons learned can apply to your project

  • Our Project Management team doesn’t just drive by once a week. We’re there every day. We see things as they happen and can help correct issues as they arise. We have honed our efficiency so we can provide this level of service where our competitors simply don’t. Speak to us about how we can help you.


  • Raymond Trombley, President of the Board, Royal Iolani AOAO