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Topa Financial Center Renovations, Topa Companies, $1.1 Million (Downtown Honolulu)

Successful project elements

  • Topa Financial Center employed the Native Technologies Construction Management Team to manage their renovation project from start to finish. The project was completed on-time and on-budget
  • Project works included over half a million-dollar installation of Canadian granite throughout the public areas of the building. Other project works included foundation repair, stairway replacement, planter waterproofing and repairs, replacement of exterior light fixtures and soffits, landscaping works, resurfacing of the existing garage, and painting of common areas

Project challenges and how they were overcome

  • This busy downtown office building includes heavy pedestrian and tenant traffic through all public areas which demanded careful planning and coordination with the multiple contractors involved with the project
  • A staging plan was developed and its execution was overseen by the on-site Native Technologies Construction Manager who interfaced between contractors, tenants, and building management on a daily basis

How successes or lessons learned can apply to your project

  • Managing numerous different scopes of work in an active tenant environment, especially when performed by different contractors, is a challenging task that calls for a highly organized Project Team. We have successfully managed these complexities for numerous clients and bring this experience with us to manage your project. We manage these complexities so building/complex managers can focus on their primary roles


  • Curt Nakamura, General Manager, Topa Management Company
  • Mark Ayers, Associate / Senior Project Architect, Ferraro Choi